One day trip to Ohara () and Mt.Hiei (bR)


Ohara is a rural town in northern Kyoto, about one hour north of Kyoto Station.

Mt. Hiei is a mountain to the northeast of Kyoto city.

*Get detail information for Ohara/Mt.Hiei at Tourist Information Center (9th floor of the Kyoto Station)

1. Ohara

Ohara's main attractions are Sanzen-in Temple and Jakko-in Temple.

Access: Take Kyoto Bus No.17 or 18 from Kyoto Sta. and get off at Ohara (63min, 580 yen)


Sanzen-in Temple O@@Recommended!

Sanzen-in's principal object of worship, a golden statue of the Amida Buddha, is displayed in the Ojo-Gokuraku-in, the temple's much photographed wooden building in the moss covered garden.

Jakko-in Temple@

The temple was destroyed in an arson attack in the year 2000, but reconstruction works on the temple have been completed in 2005. It is said that the temple was founded by Shotoku Taishi in the seventh century.


Sanzen-in @@@@   Jakko-in Temple@@@@@@@@@@@@@


2. Enryakuji Temple on Mt.Hiei bR@Recommended!

Enryaku-ji Temple stands on this sacred mountain, Mt. Hiei. It is the headquarters of the Tendai sect, the Buddhist sect that served as foundation for a number of later evolving sects including the Pure Land (Jodo), Zen and Nichiren sects.

Access: Take Keihan Bus No.57 or Kyoto Bus No.51 from Kyoto Sta. and get off at Todo (66min, 750 yen), Time table: Kyoto Sta. 9:10, 9:50 (Mar.23-Nov.30 only) and 10:45  



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