One day trip to Nara (“Þ—Ç) and Uji (‰FŽ¡)


JR train takes only 47 mins to Nara (Nara line: goes every 20 mins) and it costs only 690yen, so you can easily make a day trip to Nara.

Also on your way to Nara, you can stop off at lovely town gUjih as well.

*Get detail information for Nara and Uji at Tourist Information Center (9th floor of the Kyoto Station).

1. Nara “Þ—Ç

1.Todaiji Temple (“Œ‘厛)@ Recommended!

Todaiji is one of Japan's most famous temples and a Nara landmark. It is significant for housing Japan's largest Buddha statue which measures about 15 meters tall as well as being the largest wooden structure in the world.

2.Nara Park (“Þ—ÇŒö‰€)@ Recommended!

Nara Park is a lovely park within the city of Nara where many of the main sights are located.

3.Kofukuji Temple (‹»•ŸŽ›)@

Kofukuji Temple (Temple of Growing Bliss) consists of several historically significant buildings and a five-storied pagoda that is Japan's tallest.

4.Kasuga Taisha Shrine (t“ú‘åŽÐ)@ Recommended!

Kasuga-Taisha Grand Shrine is generally believed to have been founded by the Fujiwara family in 768 A.D., the most important imperial court nobles of the Tempyo period.

‰æ‘œ:TodaijiDaibutsu0224.jpg ‰æ‘œ:Nara-Park Deer.jpg  

1.Todaiji          2.Deer in Nara Park               3.Kofukuji          4.Kasuga Taisha


2. Uji ‰FŽ¡@Recommended!

Uji flourished as a pivotal point in traffic because of the Uji River that served as a water transportation route. There is Byodoin Temple (see below pic.) designated as the World Heritage and the Ujikami Shrine known as the oldest shrine structure in Japan on either side of the River.



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