Evening Plan

If you have free time in the evening, we recommend Gion Area ‹_‰€.

Hanamikoji Street ‰ΤŒ©¬˜H (in Gion Area) is the most famous street to find Geisha and Maiko; if you go there in the evening, you might meet one.

*The time that you are most likely to find them is around 6:30pm-8:00pm.

The area is Kyotofs downtown so you can enjoy night life there as well.


To get there: Take City Bus No.206 from NanajoHorikawa Ž΅π–xμ and get off at Gion ‹_‰€, then walk west on Shijo Street Žlπ’Κ (4 mins walk). Or you can take subway from Kyoto Sta. to Shijo Sta. Žlπ‰w (2 stops) and walk east on Shijo Street Žlπ’Κ (10 mins walk).


Hanamikoji Street                Area Map


Half Day Plan (For Check-in & Check-out day)

If you have several hours on your check-in & check-out day, below is a model plan.

Budget Inn > (walk) > Nishi Honganji Ό–{ŠθŽ› > (Walk Shichijo St. to west to Omiya St., then take Bus 207 at Omiya Nanajo ‘ε‹{Ž΅π and get off at  Toji Higashimon-mae “ŒŽ›“Œ–ε‘O)  > Toji “ŒŽ› > (Toji-michi “ŒŽ›“Ή = Bus 205 = Karasuma Nanajo ‰GŠΫŽ΅π) > Higashi Honganji “Œ–{ŠθŽ› > (Karasuma Nanajo ‰GŠΫŽ΅π = Bus 206 = Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae”Ž•¨ŠΩŽO\ŽOŠΤ“°‘O) > Sanjusangendo ŽO\ŽOŠΤ“° > (Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae ”Ž•¨ŠΩŽO\ŽOŠΤ“°‘O =  Bus 206  =  Karasuma Nanajo ‰GŠΫŽ΅π) >  Budget Inn

*Note: Toji is closed at 16:30 and Sanjusangendo is closed at 16:00.


Nishi Honganji       Toji      Higashi Honganji  Sanjusangendo