One day trip to Lake Biwa (”ϊ”iŒΞ)


JR Train takes only 9 mins to Lake Biwa (to JR Otsu Sta.), so you can easily make a day trip to Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and this is the world's third oldest lake (after Lake Baikal and Lake Tanganyika), dating to almost 4 million years ago.

*Get detail information for Lake Biwa at Tourist Information Center (9th floor of the Kyoto Station).


1. Otsu ‘ε’Γ 9 mins by JR Local

 Michigan Cruise (ΠΌΆήέΈΩ°½ή)  Recommended!

An American Mississippi River paddle wheel boat running with the cooperation of the Univ. of Michigan.

60 mins boat trips leave Otsu Port at 15:30 and 16:45,  Fee:  2,000 yen (Child 1,000 yen)

90 mins boat trips leave 9:50, 11:45 and 13:40,  Fee: 2,600 yen (Child1,300 yen)


Miidera Temple (ŽOˆδŽ›

It was founded in 686 in memory of Emperor Kobun, elder son of Emperor Tenji. The Evening Bell of Miidera Temple is one of the well-known Omi Hakkei (Best Eight Views of Omi, Shiga Pref.).

Open: 8:00–17:00 (every day year-round).  Fee: 500 yen


2. Omi-maiko Beach ‹ί]•‘Žq@Recommended!@(Especially in summer)

There is a beach just a 2 mins walk from the Omi Maiko Station


3. Hikone •Fͺ 46 mins by JR Special Rapid

Hikone Castle (•Fͺι

Hikone Castle is considered, together with Himeji, to be one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. Also there is a splendid view of Lake Biwa from the 3rd story of the donjon of this castle.

Access: 15-min. walk from Hikone Sta. on JR Tokaido Line.

Open: 8:30–17:00 (every day year-round).  Fee: 500 yen

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