Q1. How can I get to the Kyoto Station from the Kansai airport?

A1-Easy & Cheap way---Airport Limousine Bus 2,300yen (*Return {within 14days} 3,800yen: = We recommend this return ticket !), 105mins(depends on the day) 06:00-22:00 (every 30-60mins)

A2-Easiest way (door to door)---Yasaka shuttle taxi 3,000yen per person: 100mins (Do not take normal taxi, it's cost a lot.)

A3-Easy & Fast way---JR Limited Express "Haruka" 2,990yen (for non reserved seat): 75mins. 06:29-22:18(every 30mins)

A4-Cheapest way---JR Rapid (You have to change train at Osaka) 1,830yen: about 120mins.(Kansai to Osaka 1h: JR Kansai Kuko Line, Osaka to Kyoto 30mins: JR Tokaido Line) 06:02-22:32

A5-By using Kansai Surutto Pass---Take Nankai-line to Nankai-Nanba, then take subway(midosuji-line) to Yodoyabashi and then take Keihan-line to Shichijo {walk 20min from Shichijo or you can take bus from Sanjusangendo(near Shichijo Sta.) to Karasuma-shichijo then walk 7mins}: 120min

*We are really sorry, we do not have a pick up service.

Q2. When is the check in time etc?

A1-Check in time 16:00 to 21:30
*You can leave your laggage from 8:00am.(Sorry not before 8:00)

A2-Check out time 10:30am

A3-Curfew We have NO CURFEW.
*Please keep quiet after 23:00 for others may sleep.

A4-Cleaning time (Only for dorm rooms) 10:30am to 16:00
*You don't have to move your luggage.

Q3.Do you have special rate for children?

A1-Children (6 years or above)
We are sorry, we have no discount for children (6 years or above). The price remain the same as adults.

A2-Baby and infant
If you have a baby or infant (under 6 years), and if she (or he) does not need a bed, you do not have to pay the adult charge.
The additional fee will be 1,000yen, per night per baby/infant.

* We understand that some HOTELS do not charge for children. So if this policy does not suit for you, you can check out hotels in this site (it depends on hotels, please ask by yourself).

Q4. Do you have a safety box and something like a locker?

A1-We have a safety box at the front desk, so you can deposit your valuables for free of charge.

A2-There is a luggage space in each room.

Q5. Is there shower & toilet inside the room?
A- Yes, all rooms has a private shower & toilet inside the room (shower and toilets are western style one).

Q6. How many people in the dorm ensuite room?

A- Up to 6 people, in each room.
* We always try to do the best arrangement to separate ladies and men, but sometimes it doesn't work, so we can't guarantee single sex. (Because we have to fill the beds to keep our low price and sometimes couples and a family need to stay in a same room. )
Thank you for your understanding !

Q7. Do we need to bring bedding and towels?

A-You don't have to bring your own bedding (sheets, blankets and pillow cases are equipped).
--Not only bedding but also Soap, Shampoo and Hair Dryer are equipped.
But you had better bring your own towels (You can also rent towels with a small fee: large one is 70yen and small one is 30yen)

Q8. Is there a car park nearby and how much does it cost?

A-There are a lot of car park nearby. (23:00-8:00 100yen/h, 8:00-23:00 200yen/h)


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